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January 25, 2021


Ever wondered just what it takes to bring Frozen: The Musical to life? The 2013 Academy Award®-winning animated film Frozen has it all from gorgeous settings, to acts of courage and the ever inspiring tale of true love and special sisterly bonds. But, how could you possibly recreate the magic of Frozen and Arendelle–including falling snow–in a theatre? You bring together a cast and crew of glacial-sized talent and use the latest technical innovations to produce an unforgettable experience, that’s how.

In Frozen: The Musical, now playing at Sydney’s Capitol Theatre, the behind the scenes magic is truly as enchanting as the on-stage wonder. From the incredibly talented cast including Jemma Rix (Elsa) and Courtney Monsma (Anna) who bring the sisters special bond to life all whilst wearing hundreds of hand sewn and beaded costumes, to 12 brand new sing-a-long hits, custom made shoes and wigs from Australian artisans and 45 tonnes of flying scenery, Frozen: The Musical certainly uses every enchanting trick in the book to pull out the magic for the audience.

With all the captivating special effects, songs, costuming and on stage talent, Frozen: The Musical will certainly leave you in an enchanted flurry and marvelling at its wonders both on stage and behind the scenes for day to come.

Excerpt taken from “How Frozen the Musical brings Arendelle to life in Sydney”. To read the full story please click here.